Friday, August 8, 2014


Haven't blogged for a while now.

Haven't had a good photo shoot recently either.

Maybe the one relates to the other? Hmmmm.

So, here it is, 8/8/2014 and I'm blogging again. Something must have changed.

It did. I had a shoot with my good friend Emma. She's so fun to shoot with.
So easy to work with, too.

I've also been trying to stay off automatic and shoot all manual. Yes - back to the basics where I control the shoot, the exposure, the shutter, the focus, the focal point. It was so reminiscent of the good ol' film days. Those days where you'd shoot in manual - because that was what you had. You couldn't all of a sudden, change the ISO. You had to finish the roll and start another one or just figure it out and make it work. So, from my experience on film, I like or prefer to use ISO 100 or 200.

Next we talk about photo framing. Not the wooden thing you put around the final result, but the setting, the set-up of the shot. I like to have items in the shot that give framing or reference to the subject. Not too overwhelming that they become distractions but lend to bring the focus to the subject.

From the framing, we then go into shutter speed and focal length - seconds and f-stop. For most of my model shoots, I prefer a narrow f-stop, small f-stop to bring your eyes to the subject and blur the rest. Yet, there are times that a deeper length is needed. the exposure time then is offset from the f-stop selected to bring the right amount of light in the shot.

I'll get to posting samples from the 'Emma' shoot here soon enough. I've got 100+ shots to scan through.